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Bane what do we think of when we hear the name Bane. I personally think of this upper mass of a man big upper back traps reaching for the sky. I think of power and intimidation. Well with this workout of how to Train Like Bane, the goal is to build a big upper body. Focusing a lot on building a massive back but not lacking on the other body parts. During the next 9 weeks, you woll need to push yourself, you need to lock in that Bane mentality, be the aggressor, and put in work. Week 13 will slowly bring you into pain. It won't be easy, but it's not the hardest part of the program. Entering week 46, you will have to bite down, suck it up and push yourself. The weight should be increasing along with the sets and rep count will increase these weeks are very important into building our foundation leading into weeks 79 where we will then bring in that strength and power of this super villain.

I look forward to seeing and hearing about everyones' progress during these next 9 weeks. 

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @that1legmonster and @r1singlabsco on your posts and stories. Work hard, push yourselves and when you don't think you have one more set or one more rep in you just know that you can and just do it.

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