OFF Day/Fortitude Release - Importance of Creatine


To start off this product has numerous benefits and should be taken 30-45 minutes before or immediately after you workout.
Fortitude is going to aid any athlete, power lifter, bodybuilder, track athlete, swimmer, you name it.

1) To start out we have 5 grams of Creapure creatine the trademarked name of Creatine Monohydrate manufactured by Alzchem in Germany who has a patented method of synthesizing and manufacturing this material. Creatine is naturally made in body and plays a crucial role in ATP (adenosine triphosphate levels) which is used for quick energy for performance. The body uses up a lot of our ATP and creatine very quickly, therefor to further enhance performance you need a creatine supplement. Creapure will aid in muscle growth, cellular energy production, repair, recovery and lean body composition.

2) Next we have betaine to go along with the creatine, betaine is a lipotropic meaning it helps use excess energy such as fat and turns it in to ready to use energy. Betaine has also been linked to increasing the absorption of creatine by promoting healthy homocysteine levels which turns in to methionine in the body which is what helps the absorption of creatine. Methionine also helps muscle protein synthesis which helps in strength and muscle growth.

3) Beta Alanine
The main benefits of this ingredient include buffering lactic acid built up in the working muscle tissue which allows more reps and sets to be performed. This leads to greater work output and helps build lean muscle.

4) HMB helps with cell membrane damage after exercise which is great for recovery. It has also been shown to oxidize fat for energy to help with lean muscle gain. HMB also has some research that shows is aids in preventing muscle breakdown and protecting muscle tissue in the body, however to help it function properly in the body it needs to be combined with vitamin D which we have done in this formula.

5) Alpha lipoic acid and Turmeric, these ingredients are crucial in reducing inflammation. These ingredients will help reduce inflammation after strenuous physical
activity which will lead to better recovery time to allow you to perform the next day. This formula also includes Bioperine to help with the absorption of the curcuminoids in the turmeric which play the most crucial role in helping with inflammation.

6) Zinc, more than 33% of men that suffer from low testosterone is simply because of a Zinc deficiency. Zinc is crucial in the role of testosterone production for men and is also great for your immune system!

So as you can see we have hit every angle possible to create something that will aid you in strength building and optimal performance levels. If you are looking to take yourself to another level FORTITUDE is that stable product to help you achieve those goals. I look forward to hearing & seeing the results that this amazing product has done for you!


  • Kenneth Sager

    I’m so pumped for this shit!!!! Tomorrow shit is about to get real!!! Quality ingredients from a quality dude with down to earth morals! Love this MOVEMENT KC has developed!


    Hey Ernie, Fortitude has an identity of its own and can be taken with any of our products. It’s a recovery drink that should be taken 30-45 min before immediately after your workout.

  • Ernie

    Can Fortitude be taken along with Raven?

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